eKneeBoard integrated NEXRAD weather functionality includes both an "Animated Radar Mosaic" as well as layered NEXRAD weather information right on your Seamless Charts. The NEXRAD weather display on the Seamless Charts is customizable by using the opacity controller, which makes the weather display darker or lighter as desired. eKneeBoard weather charts & information also includes: Infrared Color, Infrared BW, Water Vapor and Visible Satellite. Prognostic weather chart profiles are also included depicting: High and Low Temperature, Precipitation, Dew Point, Predominate Weather Forecasts, Sky Cover, 12-48 Hour Forecasts, Winds, Icing, PIREPs and more! In addition, whenever an Internet connection is obtained, METR, TAFs, Winds & IFR/VFR Airport Conditions are transparently downloaded, updated and stored in the background along with the "Animated Radar Mosaic" and layered NEXRAD weather on the Seamless Charts.