Private Pilot Ground School

A complete, interesting and engaging course that covers all of the necessary knowledge areas required for becoming a Private Pilot.  Each lesson focuses on what you need to know and delivers it in a clever format.


Private Pilot Flight Maneuvers

Wouldn’t you like to be prepared for today’s lesson by already knowing what to expect and understand how to do the maneuver before getting in the plane?  Wouldn’t you like to review the maneuvers you just did in flight with your instructor? This course contains all of the flight maneuvers required to become a private pilot with a teaching segment up front, a three-view video of the maneuver being done and the completion standards you need to meet.  Watch the one you need before your next flight!


Radio Communications for VFR Pilots

If you’re like most of us, getting the hang of the radio is a challenge, especially if you don’t train or fly regularly in complex airspace.  What will you do if you want to fly somewhere like that?  Answer:  Take this course because it covers almost all operations, phraseology and instructions that you will hear and need to respond to.  See animations of the airplane complying with those instructions and hear real ATC examples as you go along.


Instrument Rating Ground School

There’s a whole new language, set of charts and navigation equipment to understand now that you are getting an instrument rating.  Learn everything you need, in a well thought out and interesting lesson, designed to navigate you through the world of instrument flight.


Instrument Rating Flight Maneuvers

What does flying IFR look like?  What’s an ILS approach?  Here’s a course that shows you all of the Instrument Flight Maneuvers you’ll need to master. You can review them before you go fly or review after your flight.  It’s one thing to shoot an approach, but another thing all together to do it properly and understand it fully.  These video maneuvers show you and teach you how.


Commercial Pilot Ground School

It’s a good feeling to finally get paid to fly!  The Commercial Pilot knowledge level is significantly higher than the Private Pilot, and it can be a roadblock in getting this certificate.  Hit the ground running with this detailed and highly focused course that targets all aspects of the Commercial Pilot Certificate.


Commercial Pilot Flight Maneuvers

Flying the Commercial Maneuvers is challenging.  You have to develop precise aircraft control, timing and coordination.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see these maneuvers described and then performed before or after a training flight?  Shorten your learning curve by showing up prepared with a full understanding of how to perform all of the Commercial Maneuvers.  This series will teach you how.


Multi Engine Ground School

Flying a twin is about training on one engine.  The aerodynamics of flight is different and there are new procedures and techniques to learn.  The animations in this course will help you understand the key concepts so you can apply them to your next flight.


Multi Engine Flight Maneuvers

Flying a twin is different.  With more emergency procedures, higher performance characteristics and more complex systems you’ll love watching these “How To” videos that cover all of the maneuvers in the Private and Commercial Practical Test Standards.


Flight Instructor Course

Here are the tools you need to push through the volumes of information you are required to know as a flight instructor.  This guided course covers everything required, including lesson plans and the Fundamentals of Instructing.  Confidence is what this course delivers by covering what you need to know in detail.


Garmin PLUS

Master the G1000 or Garmin 430/530 using this course.  It covers BOTH IFR and VFR Operations and is taught in a conversational style that lets you follow along more easily.  At the end of this course you should have a whole new skill set and it will open up more types of airplanes that you can fly now that you’ve “Mastered Glass”.