eKneeBoard is the first aviation product that combines the power of a paperless cockpit and the convenience of “On Demand” eEducation courses to sharpen or upgrade your knowledge of aviation.  One device, one App and you have everything you need to conduct a safe flight and learn when you are ready and at your own pace.

eKneeBoard provides a complete paper chart replacement suite of documents for both VFR and IFR pilots at NO cost to you for the state of your choice.  You will have access to airport information, flight planning tools, instrument approach procedures, weather briefing information and flight plan filing capability. In addition, it contains a seamless sectional and IFR enroute chart for the entire USA. This is not a trial and not a lite version.  It’s full featured and it never expires.

When you’re on the ground, and in the mood to learn more about the rating you are pursuing, or you just want to upgrade your skills, our “On Demand” courses let you pick a course, download it and get it now with just the click of a button.  “On Demand” courses are available as an in-App purchase.

Your FREE account will also include a complete reference library of all of the latest FAA Handbooks, as well as many other documents that will aid in making  you a more knowledgeable and safer pilot. You can search, annotate, highlight and much more as you interact with this material.

Fly with, and learn from eKneeBoard.  It’s everything you need in one place without the need for paper charts, DVD’s or books.  With eKneeBoard, On Demand eEducation comes to the cockpit.