Garmin PLUS

Master the G1000 or Garmin 430/530 using this course.  It covers BOTH IFR and VFR Operations and is taught in a conversational style that lets you follow along more easily.  At the end of this course you should have a whole new skill set and it will open up more types of airplanes that you can fly now that you’ve “Mastered Glass”.


Instrument Proficiency Check

So it’s been a while since you’ve flown instrument procedures or you just want to brush up on some of the things you may have forgotten. This course covers everything you need to know from preflight preparation to landing and everything in between. These courses are engaging and insightful and should stimulate your imagination as you prepare to get back in the instrument saddle again.


Flight Review

Well it’s that time again. Time to demonstrate your airman knowledge and competency to an instructor of your choosing. You want to make sure your performance is safe and skillful. Maybe you haven’t done in a while, some of the things that will be asked of you. Use these lessons to help you prepare for your Flight Review. This course covers maneuvers, regulations, planning, navigation, and much more. Use it and ace your Flight Review.


Radio Communications for VFR Pilots

If you’re like most of us, getting the hang of the radio is a challenge, especially if you don’t train or fly regularly in complex airspace.  What will you do if you want to fly somewhere like that?  Answer:  Take this course because it covers almost all operations, phraseology and instructions that you will hear and need to respond to.  See animations of the airplane complying with those instructions and hear real ATC examples as you go along.