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eKneeBoard: Airports, Charts, Flight Plans, Weather, FAA Library and Pilot Training Courses.

eKneeBoard is the first aviation product that combines the power of a paperless cockpit and the convenience of “On Demand” eEducation courses to sharpen or upgrade your knowledge of aviation.  One device, one App and you have everything you need to conduct a safe flight and learn when you are ready and at your own pace.

eKneeBoard provides a complete paper chart replacement suite of documents for both VFR and IFR pilots at NO cost to you for the state of your choice.  You will have access to airport information, flight planning tools, instrument approach procedures, weather briefing information and flight plan filing capability. In addition, it contains a seamless sectional and IFR enroute chart for the entire USA. This is not a trial and not a lite version.  It’s full featured and it never expires.

When you’re on the ground, and in the mood to learn more about the rating you are pursuing, or you just want to upgrade your skills, our “On Demand” courses let you pick a course, download it and get it now with just the click of a button.  “On Demand” courses are available as an in-App purchase.

Your FREE account will also include a complete reference library of all of the latest FAA Handbooks, as well as many other documents that will aid in making  you a more knowledgeable and safe pilot. You can search, annotate, highlight and much more as you interact with this material.

Fly with, and learn from eKneeBoard.  It’s everything you need in one place without the need for paper charts, DVD’s or books.  With eKneeBoard, On Demand eEducation comes to the cockpit.


Training with your Instructor?

Courses for every pilot in training.

Complete, interesting courses for all students in training. All of our courses are professionally built and delivered in your eKneeBoard application. Utilizing the all new "Interactive Syllabus" format developed especially for eKneeBoard and iOS devices. You will love learning with these courses on your iOS device.

Fly like a Pro. - Improve your flying.

Courses for every pilot.

Complete, interesting courses for both the student, recreational and professional aviator. All of our courses are professionally built and delivered in your eKneeBoard application. Our courses utilize the all new "Interactive Syllabus" format developed especially for eKneeBoard and iOS devices.


eKneeBoard has over 2000 geo-referenced FAA airport diagrams, ideal for situational awareness.  Clearly depicting runways, taxiways and all the information you would expect from approved FAA Airport information.  When connected to the Internet the related NOTAMs, METAR/TAFs, Winds and other data for airports you view is updated and stored in the device for offline use. When connected to an ADS-B data source this data is updated in flight. For all the other airports without published approved FAA airport diagrams, eKneeBoard provides a satellite view of the airport.


eKneeBoard includes ALL FAA Approved charts and they include Navaids (VORs and beacons) and state boundaries. Also included are IFR arrival & departure routes, VFR corridors, VFR flyways, Terminal Area Charts, Transition routes and more. In addition to High Resolution Seamless VFR and IFR Charts. eKneeBoard also includes geo-referenced IFR Area Charts & Terminal Charts depicting GPS Position, Flight Plan and Panel information. .

Flight Planning

eKneeBoard offers a Flight Planning option that allows you to quickly and easily create a flight plan on any of our high resolution seamless charts. Your flight plan's way points can be created by either typing in an airport identifier, navaid or Intersection... or by using the one touch "Smart" Add, Remove & Insert way point feature on one of the seamless charts. You can also quickly locate intersections, navaids and search for nearest airports to add to your flight plan– all without ever leaving the chart! The Flight Planner page also allows you create a flight plan using the "Smart Auto Route" feature, save/load your flight plans, reorganize way points, auto reverse your flight plan for your return, customize your airplane and pilot profile and file your flight plan. 


eKneeBoard integrated NEXRAD weather functionality includes both an "Animated Radar Mosaic" as well as layered NEXRAD weather information right on your Seamless Charts. The NEXRAD weather display on the Seamless Charts is customizable by using the opacity controller, which makes the weather display darker or lighter as desired. eKneeBoard weather charts & information also includes: Infrared Color, Infrared BW, Water Vapor and Visible Satellite. Prognostic weather chart profiles are also included depicting: High and Low Temperature, Precipitation, Dew Point, Predominate Weather Forecasts, Sky Cover, 12-48 Hour Forecasts, Winds, Icing, PIREPs and more! In addition, whenever an Internet connection is obtained, METR, TAFs, Winds & IFR/VFR Airport Conditions are transparently downloaded, updated and stored in the background along with the "Animated Radar Mosaic" and layered NEXRAD weather on the Seamless Charts.